Our Mission

WOXOW grew from a love of programming.


WOXOW grew from a love of programming. We focus on that in which we are best. We mainly focus on Magento and WordPress, and due to this specialisation we are able to assist you perfectly with these programs. We consist of a broad group of programmers, each with a unique talent, guided by our experiened scrum masters. We work with the Agile methodology, and with the help of proven methods we can best assist you with these.

Programming and programmers are necessary for several branches, such as for IT-companies, advertising agencies, as well as independent workers. These programmers may be your own personnel, or it might be a freelancer. We offer you the best of both worlds, with the personal touch of a freelancer, but the security of your own personnel. We ensure that you are assured of continuing technical support.

The programmers of WOXOW go beyond where others stop. In order to assist you as best as possible, our programmers maintain a flexible attitude. Besides this our processes have been set up in such a way that they are as efficient as possible, for your benefit.


We believe that coding is the language that connect people across the world. This is then also the reason for our motto: ‘Coding connects.’ We reach our goals through the use of open innovation. Due to this we can develop our abilities and built on a network of strategic partners, with which we can collectively create new markets and opportunities with regards to products.

WOXOW supports you when it is needed. This is true not only for short term, but also long term projects. We are first and foremost your technical partner and function as an extension to your company. Besides our activities in The Netherlands, we are building an international network of partners and specialists.


We work closely with our partners. We maintain an Agile workflow and are constantly developing our processes, in order to ensure that we are able to aid our customers as best as possible. Besides these we make use of systems such as Jira and AWS to make our projects run as smoothly as possible.

We invest in our people by providing them with training and education. During the development process our quality manager monitors a project constantly. Besides this we invest in international cooperation, so we may follow changes in the field minute-to-minute and are always up to date with the latest developments.

Kawa Karim

Managing Director

As a child Kawa grew up in different parts of the world. Humanity and culture fascinated him. Kawa noticed that people in certain parts of the world have a mentality that stimulates technical skill. In other parts of the world he noted that people have a very flexible work attitude, which is again hard to find in other parts of the world. Kawa was already dreaming of a language that could connect people across the world and would make borders disappear when he was a child. He found this language in coding, which is why he maintains the motto: ‘Coding Connects.’ He strives to aid clients to the best of his ability, and to build long-term relationships.

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